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You hear "Paris at the cinema" and immediately a thousand images and a thousand stories come to mind. Ciné-Balade was born from the desire to show and tell them.  

A film historian by training, since 2011 I have been proposing to rediscover Paris through this enchanting prism.  

Today, a dozen walks are available in the catalog and a few others on an ad hoc basis during collaborations with festivals or museums.  

For the past few years, for groups with larger participants, I have had the pleasure of being accompanied by experienced speakers, guide speakers or teachers in the field of image education.  

We all want you to leave with the desire to see or re-watch films, immerse yourself in a filmography or come back to the neighborhood to test the restaurant, a filming location discovered at the start of your visit. And then, you will undoubtedly have fun playing the game of the seven differences between a setting and reality or between the Paris of the 60s and that of today.


Finally, these urban and cinematographic journeys in our company, it's a thousand images to see and a thousand stories to tell.

Juliette Dubois


Some interventions by CinéBalade


Invitation to travel

broadcast of 11/27/18

The Paris of Marcel Carné


The Amazing Doc

7/07/20 broadcast

The secrets of François Truffaut


Invitation to travel

broadcast on 4/09/20

The Paris of François Truffaut

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