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movie walking touRs in paris

Experience our movie walking tours in English for individuals and groups. Ciné-Balade is a great opportunity to learn about the history of our capital and its districts using this popular art form. What better testimony than films, what better tribute to its cultural and artistic universe! Paris has evolved over more than 100 years and often under the eye of cameras, whether French or foreign. Ciné-Balade allows you to dive into this rich past to discover it from a different angle. You can choose to follow in the footsteps of a filmmaker or a film that you particularly like or want to know about, or choose a neighborhood and let yourself be guided through its filming locations and its most famous personalities. 

How it works? 

Look at the agenda, you may find a date that works for you. He you  can't  find one or if you want to privatize a visit for a group, contact us directly via this form.



Montmartre, the Latin Quarter, Montparnasse, The Eiffel  Tower ... it depends of the them you will choose. Check out our tours which are also offered in English. 



The tours last about two hours, but we can also offer you a full day program.



As for all the visits, depending on the chosen theme, Ciné-Balade works with all audiences whether they are looking for a moment of escape, cultural discovery or educational activities.


Montmartre at the cinema

Amélie Poulain's Montmartre is also one of the most filmed districts of the capital. 


The Paris of François Truffaut

In the 9th arrondissement, the Paris of his childhood and his most autobiographical films.


The childhood of cinema

Around the Opera, the classic of classics to get to know the pioneers of cinema better.


Midnight in Paris

In the Latin Quarter, the sets and anecdotes around the cult film homage to Paris. 


Romantic films

On the Ile d e la Cité, the movie sets of the most romantic city in the world. 


The Saint-Ouen flea market

From the Saint-Ouen area to the antique market today, a unique decor told by his films. 


The Paris of Agnès Varda

Around Montparnasse, homage to a warm, unique and committed filmmaker.


Majestic Ciné-Balade

The Eiffel Tower makes its cinema with a stroll and discovery behind the scenes of the Majestic Passy. 


Godard's Paris

Introduce your students to the Paris of the New Wave and of Jean-Luc Godard around the Sorbonne.

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