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Montmartre in movies

Amélie Poulain's charming Montmartre is also one of the most filmed districts of the city. 

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The Agnès Varda Tour

Around Montparnasse, homage to a warm, unique and committed filmmaker. 


Godard and the New Wave

Introduce your students to the Paris of the New Wave and of Jean-Luc Godard around the Sorbonne.


Romantic City Island

On the Île de la Cité, the movie sets of the most romantic city in the world. 


Belleville in movies

Jourdain, Belleville, Ménilmontant: Parisian villages evolving in front of the camera lens.


Saint-Denis in movies

In its historic center, the wealth of the History of Saint-Denis mixes with that of the cinema. 


Cartoons in Paris

Around the cathedral, the history of Paris through the favorite cartoons of your children.


Cimetière du Père-Lachaise

Scènes de films et sépultures célèbres dans le cimetière le plus visité au monde. 


The Agnès Varda Tour

Around Montparnasse, homage to a warm, unique and committed filmmaker. 


Midnight in Paris

In the Latin Quarter, the sets and anecdotes around the cult film homage to Paris. 


Montmartre Cemetery

In the alleys, between the tombs, sometimes surprising, there are many artists who have marked the cinema.


The flea market

From the Saint-Ouen area to the antique market today, a unique decor told by his films. 


Aubervilliers in movies

A popular city marked by industrialization, Aubervilliers is also a real land of filming.


Majestic Ciné-Balade

The Eiffel Tower makes its cinema with a stroll in one of the most beautiful area of Paris.


The François Truffaut Tour

In the 9th arrondissement, the Paris of his childhood and his most autobiographical films.


La Villette on screen

The little new one ! History of the Ourcq canal and the Villette banks through their films. 


Trains and canal

In the district, two of the most beautiful train stations in Europe and mythical settings along the canal.


Méliès in Montreuil

In the footsteps of Georges Méliès, brilliant inventor of special effects and pioneer of cinema fiction.


How it all began!

Around the Opera, the classic of classics to get to know the pioneers of cinema better.

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