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From the Gare du Nord to the Canal Saint-Martin via the Gare de l'Est, this visit will make you discover the links between the trains and the cinema then take you to the banks of the Canal, immortalized by the film Hôtel du Nord and which remains a privileged location for filming. Characters passing through or who have desires from elsewhere punctuate this circuit and pass through films as famous as Zazie in the metro, Ocean's Eleven, Once upon a time in America, Hôtel du Nord, Amélie Poulain or Le Clan des Siciliens.

Where ?

From the Gare du Nord to the Canal Saint-Martin via the Gare de l'Est.

Duration ?

2h15 (2.5km)

​On your way

  • Films and international stars at Gare du Nord. 

  • A passage in the 10th arrondissement hidden for the setting of the film Le Clan des Siciliens. 

  • The game of hide and seek from one station to another in French and American cinema. 

  • The Hôtel du Nord along the Canal Saint-Martin.  

Where ?

From Gare du Nord to Canal Saint-Martin via Gare de l'Est.

Duration ?

2h15 (2.5 km)

For who ?


This visit is perfect for those who already know Paris well and want to discover the riches of a district less visited by tourists. French cinema is particularly honored there, although American cinema has some surprises in store for us at Gare du Nord.

Group of 15 people maximum for individual registrations. Up to 20 people for groups already formed.

Weather report

Tours take place in all weathers, even in the rain! In the event of extreme weather (storms or hot weather), Ciné-Balade will contact you the day before or the morning of the visit to cancel or postpone it if possible.

Some opinions on this walk

From the platforms of the Gare du Nord, through the glass roof of the Gare de l 'Est, and from the Canal footbridge, Juliette knows how to choose her decorations to tell us about her beautiful walk. And thanks to the distribution of the extracts, we almost believe it in the film. The music, the dialogues ... It makes you want to see him again.

- Sylviane

Very pleasant under a bright sun. There were only a few of us, which allowed us to make the most of the explanations provided by our guide Juliette who was able to interest us with her comments and images viewed on her tablet. In addition she is very nice. We look forward to seeing her on ciné Montmartre.


- Alain

A very well conceived, lively stroll, punctuated with anecdotes, extracts or photos of films viewed on a tablet. An excellent balance between architectural information and cinematic details. A charming and fascinating guide, who, as a bonus, took us to some well-hidden places in the neighborhood! This is the 2nd film tour that I am and I fully intend to subscribe to others ...

- Brigitte W.

A professional guide who knows how to hold the attention of his audience thanks in particular to many anecdotes enhanced by the use of a tablet. 2nd visit with this guide who will surely encourage me to make other visits with him.

- Agnes T.

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