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Discover the Paris of cinema thanks to our guided tours!

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Stroll along the water and cinema


From July 21st, join our ciné-balade in partnership with the Été du Canal and la Villette.

Along the Ourcq Canal, discover the neighborhood and the films and series that were shot there before heading to the lawn of the Parc de la Villette for an outdoor screening on the giant screen of the Villette.

Find these visits in French on July 21, 24, 28 and 31 then on August 17, 19, 20 and 21 at 6pm!

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Summer movie walks


In July and August, discover the Latin Quarter with the film Midnight in Paris or walk up the most charming hill in Paris with films such as Amélie, An American in Paris, Ratatouille and other American and French gems. Montmartre and Midnight in Paris are in the spotlight with several dates.

July 4, 12, 27 and August 19, 29, 30.






Launched in 2015, this tour may be a favorite among visitors. We understand it easily. What a pleasure to be in this country village accompanied by all these timeless films! With its vineyards, cabarets and Sacré-Coeur, Montmartre is undoubtedly the most cinematic but also the most exotic area of Paris! 

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Midnight in Paris


During the day or at nightfall, this walk, which has become a must, invites you to travel back in time and find the mythical settings of the film. A true declaration of love to the capital, it has particularly highlighted the Latin Quarter where we will stroll and where nice surprises await you!



Want to offer an original experience to your loved ones?

The Ciné-Balade gift voucher is a nice surprise that will delight urban explorers. 

Just click here to reserve yours!

Let yourself be guided  in the heart of Paris,

capital of Cinema!

Paris is the most filmed city in the world. Cinema has had a thousand ways of representing it and telling it through its characters and stories, authentic or imagined.

The leading actor in cine-tourism in France, Ciné-Balade carefully prepares, for each circuit and event, anecdotes from films and important figures in the history of cinema and links them to the history of a place.

From pioneers with their first experiments and their still images to digital reconstructions which prove that we can afford everything, each era, each genre offer us an entrance to a cultural rediscovery of Paris and its heritage.  

Do you want to visit a particular district, go behind the scenes of a film you loved or follow in the footsteps of your favorite filmmaker? Take a look at our catalog!

All our tours

Sacré-Cœur de Paris

Neighborhood visits

Take part in original cultural tours during which the life and history of a neighborhood are revealed through the films that have been shot there


Virtual tours

Discover the adaptation of our cine-walks from home and enjoy a moment of lively and warm cultural escape

Enfants Carte de lecture


As a family, with your students or a group of children, discover cinema tours suitable for teenagers and youngsters. 

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Take part in original cultural visits during which the life and history of a district are revealed through the films that have been shot there

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Let's work out the scenario for your next event: tailor-made tours, exclusive venues, meetings, e-cinema ...

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